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Work with excellent people to do meaningful things

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Work with excellent people to do meaningful things

Our employees come from all corners of the world and gather together for love and care. We dare to challenge and keep the entire mankind in our hearts. We are full of passion and vitality. We encourage innovation and tolerate failures. We are ready to applaud for beautiful days. We are committed to leading the steady growth of the health industry of Chinese nation, benefiting more patients and protecting people from diseases.
  • Talent Criteria

    We are committed to training a quality employee team that features all-round development in morality, talents, ability, diligence and performance. We advocate that employees should improve their personal value while making positive contributions to Jiuzhitang.

  • Talent Competition Mechanism

    Promote the talented, keep the ordinary stand aside; and kick out the incapable. Talents come out of competition and can never be recognized only with our eyes. We respect the knowledge and abilities of all our employees, and highlight their capability improvement. We provide them access to the opportunities and environment for fair competition.

  • Three Platforms

    Our open and tolerant development platform allows talents to exhibit their value; our incentive platform that rewards those who are capable and diligent allows dedicators to live and work in peace and contentment; and our harmonious and pleasant emotional platform enables our employees to love Jiuzhitang as they love their homes.

  • Innovation Concepts

    We adhere to the innovation concepts of "encouraging innovation, tolerating failures" and "making pioneering efforts, insisting on perseverance".

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