The discreet oasis of Tinejdad

Still very preserved, Tinejdad is one of the gates of the road of a thousand kasbahs.

Situated between High and Anti Atlas, this small town combines a certain modernity without charm along the main boulevard that crosses it, while boasting models of Berber architecture, towards the palm grove, where one will surely appreciate its tranquillity.

The city and its activities develop along this boulevard which crosses Tinejdad for almost 7 kilometers. Here you will find services such as the post office, banks and garages… not to mention cafes and restaurants.

2 museums not to be missed

The museum of sacred springs “Lalla Mimouna”

Is a real museum of popular arts and traditions situated in a small oasis 3 km before Tinejdad coming from Tinghir. It is an astonishing poetic and expressive journey around water, source of life.

The oasis museum

In front of the main entrance to the ksar is meant to represent the traditional life of the region and its evolution over the centuries.

Tinejdad and his ksour

At the entrance to Tinejdad, coming from Ouarzazate or Tingrhr, the ksar El Khorbat, built at the end of the 19th century, has kept its architecture and the atmosphere of yesteryear that inhabits it.

Here there is no concrete or brick construction, at least for the moment, the traditions and original materials are scrupulously preserved.

The ksar El Khorbat is entirely restored with traditional materials and know-how. Roger Mimo, a Catalan who has been living in the region for a long time and who knows his culture well, is a journalist and cartographer.

Goulmima, an oasis between Tinejdad and Errachidia

Despite an endemic drought inherited from the last century and a water table that is running out, some beautiful oases dotting the south of Morocco persist.

At the gates of the Tafilalet and Ziz valley, halfway between Er-Rachidia and Tinejdad, the oasis of Gheris, a verdant little green enclave within the long desert hamada separating the High Atlas from the Anti-Atlas, shelters a modest palm grove.

Swimming the small town of Goulmima and its typical ksar of this defensive architecture of southern Morocco where Berber, Jewish and Arab people lived together until the middle of the 20th century.

Goulmima, the rebellious ksar

The architecture of these fortified villages is part of history and, of course, the geographical area. The ksar Aït Goulmima, is emblematic of these fertile oases which attracted the lust of nomadic and warrior tribes.

Among them, the renowned tribe and fear of the Aït Atta. Coming from the Saharan lands and established for centuries along the Jbel Saghro, this great tribe, nomadic and conquering, led to the peaks of the High Atlas of devastating and dreaded raids.

They seized the crops and goods, and in these areas far from the central government, had acquired considerable power, even to the French protectorate.

The ksour of the Gheris oasis were built accordingly. The ksar Aït Goulmima is thus surrounded by thick earthen and adobe walls, raised and surmounted around a single entrance door by two high guard towers.

Lane for some of the covered areas leads to the houses. It is still inhabited and visited. It contains a pre-Saharan mosque which is said to have been built for almost 5 centuries, as well as a mellah.

Tinejdad Practice

Tinejdad stretches for almost 4 km along Mohammed V Boulevard where all shops and services are located. Only one bank, Banque Populaire with its ATM. A small hospital with doctors and nurses but without an operating theatre, located at the exit to Goulmima and Er-Rachidia.

The souk is behind the taxi place. It takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays. It is very lively especially on Sundays.
Taxis, large and small, are in the centre of this boulevard, facing the closed market, in operation all week long.

Rent a car and visit Tinejdad

There is no car rental in Tinejdad. You will find it without difficulty in Ouarzazate, Fez, Marrakech, Agadir…

Several petrol stations and most garages run along Mohammed V Boulevard until the town’s exit. The cafes and restaurants line this huge boulevard from one end to the other.

Hotels and guest houses in Tinejdad

The kasbah El Khorbat, at the entrance of Tinejdad coming from Ouarzazate or Tinghir, and some guest houses in the palm grove constitute the main lodging in Tinejdad.

Coming by Plane

The nearest airport is Ouarzazate. It receives only 4 direct flights from Paris and others with stopover in Casablanca.

The airports of Agadir, Marrakech, Rabat or Fez are better served and offer more advantageous fares…. In general

Situation of Tinejdad

Tinejdad is located on the 1,000 kasbah road between Ouarzazate (220 km) and Er-Rachidia (83 km). The dunes of Merzouga are not far away, about 130 km…

Historical document, Tinejdad in 1936

A look back more than 80 years in this rich historical past. A glimpse of the center, many kasbahs, the extended douar does not breathe opulence, but aviation is there. Souk scenes, outdoor barbers and women on duty. A certainly rare documentary.

Report at the oasis of Ferkla

Kilometers of millenarian seguias managed by El Yazid el Magoun for a fair distribution of water in the oasis. The migration of young people to the cities would be one of the causes of the dieback of the palm grove.

The lack of maintenance, lack of manpower, the motorcycles wild and intensive pumps have weakened the water tables…

Ashoura Festival in Goulmima

Like a surprising carnival, Ashoura takes to Goulmima Halloween tunes. On the 10th day of the month called Moharram, Ashoura is a family celebration with ancient roots for Moroccans.

The creation of masks with Lho Badri and their free distribution in the old mellah adds to this magical atmosphere. Then it’s off for a musical parade through the streets. Harvesting of sweets and dates.


Route of 1000 Kasbahs  
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